There are nothing but great reasons for Scout Troops and Venturing Crews to partner with Sea Scout Ships.

Sea Scout Ships are co-ed and for ages 14-21 and are youth led and adult mentored. Sea Scout leaders are required to complete the same Youth Protection Training required in the rest of the BSA. In addition to the customary focus on citizenship and leadership common to all types of Scouting, the Sea Scout emphasis is on seamanship and service.

From an organizational standpoint, our resources and knowledge can provide your Scouts with high-adventure experiences on the water, opportunities and equipment to earn merit badges, and new venues for outreach and recruiting. All with the cooperation of BSA YPT certified leaders with experience on the water at little to no cost for your Troop or Crew. You can learn more about what our Ship has to offer here.

Sea Scouting may also be beneficial for individual Scouts in your organization. If you have a Scout who hopes to pursue a career in the maritime industry, the Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard – Sea Scouting will be a step in the right direction. They can be a Sea Scout without leaving your Troop or Crew and they only pay BSA dues once. Sea Scout activities can be used to earn merit badges and advancement in other Scouting organizations.

Another sort of Scout who may be interested in Sea Scouting are those looking for a new challenge. Sea Scouting represents a whole new path of advancement and a new set of skills to learn. Scouts can even work on their Eagle and their Quartermaster (the Sea Scout equivalent to Eagle Scout) simultaneously.

Here’s a presentation that can shed more light on the opportunities and benefits of partnership.